Moonset with Leah Byrne & Hannah Visocchi

Brought to you by the Citizens’ Theatre Company and written by client Maryam Hamidi.

Fifteen-year-old Roxy is burning. Lost somewhere between the bonfire of girlhood and the sharp edge of womanhood, she gathers her friends and begins meddling in witchcraft to search for answers.

Shadows are lurking, ready to swallow those she loves most in the world. As friendships fray, fire crackles and blood bubbles, the group unravel the bonds that unite and the secrets that surround them.

Moonset is a blazing, coming-of-age tale filled with love, rage and self-discovery, as four young women search for the power they were promised.

Moonset will be at the Tron Theatre (3-11 Feb) before touring to the Traverse (16-18 Feb).

Featured actors: