Madeline Grieve in Ship Rats

Client Madeline Grieve can be seen in Ship Rats, part of this season of ‘A Play, a Pie & a Pint’.

Ship Rats is an uplifting drama about finding allies in unexpected places based on the writer’s garrulous Glaswegian great, great, granny who sailed the world.

In 1880, being the only woman on board a cargo ship in the South China Sea is not the safest place for Jessie, recently-widowed and demoted to the worst cabin. Especially when she’s puking for Scotland and sailors are dropping dead by the day.

Ship’s cook Jin Hai could help her, he knows medicine, but his business is escape and refuge not sick Scottish wifies – until he becomes the main murder suspect.

On the high seas, options for allies are limited. But can Jessie and Jin Hai survive long enough to help each other?


Oran Mor, Glasgow: 11-16 September 2023
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 19-23 September 2023

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