Leah Byrne in Wolfie


Something’s not right. Children are being raised by animals. A mother is slowly sinking in the bath. The trees are left doing the paperwork. The air is filled with screams of children howling for help. And some twins want to tell you a story about how everything got so f*cked up.

A spiralling odyssey of dizzying theatricality, Wolfie is a bold, fantastical fairytale following twins separated at birth that asks who is truly responsible for society’s most vulnerable children.

Ross Willis’s debut play is a wildly imaginative, irreverent look at life in and after the care system.

Wolfie was awarded Best Play at the 2020 Writers’ Guild Awards, and Best New Play at the 2020 Off-West End Awards. It also earned Willis a nomination for Best Writer at the 2019 Stage Debut Awards and Most Promising Playwright at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

‘The opening stage direction of Wolfie is ‘this play should not be polite’. A journey through forests, food banks, and f**kloads of movement, the story is one that demands to be told now. It’s a howl of anger and a riot of colour, politically essential and brilliantly conceived. It’s also really funny. What better invitation for a director and an audience?’ Joanna Bowman, Director

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