Leah Byrne in The Scent of Roses

After being postponed because of Covid cases in the company, The Scent of Roses with client Leah Byrne is now opening on 5th March and runs until 19th March.

World Premiere

A Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh production.

“You would be surprised how a simple thing like locking your husband up in the same room as you, makes you aware of something. Alive.”

A fiction that speaks the truth about the lies we tell, and what we choose to believe.

The Scent of Roses begins with a wife who decides to take her husband hostage to finally have an honest conversation.

This simple, transgressive act of demanding a straight answer sparks a chain of conversations, interrogations, obfuscations and revelations as a circle of connected lives try to work out what is real and find someone they can trust in a post-truth world.

The Scent of Roses is a dark, funny, new play about truths, lies and how we tell them from leading Scottish playwright and director Zinnie Harris.

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