Helen Logan in Who Pays The Piper

Client Helen Logan can be seen in the upcoming Who Pays The Piper, part of the ‘A Play, a Pie & a Pint’ Lunchtime Theatre Season.

Oran Mor, Glasgow: 15th-20th April 2024

A tragicomedy exploring what it’s like to fall in love with music and who gets to make their ambitions into reality.

Talented young singer Sarah is hanging on by the skin of her teeth.

Living where the paid gigs are is expensive, and she’s working all hours giving singing lessons and delivering takeaways to make ends meet.

When Marie, one of Sarah’s students, decides to embark on a singing career at retirement age, Sarah decides to not put her off and let Marie make her own mistakes.

However, this decision pulls Sarah deeper and deeper into Marie’s delusional fantasies and costs her more than she ever could have predicted.

Featured actors: