Gowan Calder in Castle Fallon

Client Gowan Calder can be seen in Castle Fallon, part of this season of ‘A Play, a Pie & a Pint’.

A comedy about two Highland women who must bicker, blackmail and backstab to keep their jobs at a historic heritage site when a new boss takes charge. 

What does an expert in Castle Fallon do, when her job at the castle is lost?

Gerard Nambudiri is a man on a mission. He wants to drag the National Trust kicking and screaming into the 21st century, making it woke and not so broke.

To do that he has to make the Trust’s old guard redundant, and Marie and Mona are the next to get the chop. But they’re not going to go without a fight.

After they stumble upon one of Gerard’s secrets, the Highland women begin to blackmail, bicker and backstab, while Gerard does what he can to keep his vision alive.

Castle Fallon is a tragicomedy showing how grand narratives of heritage and identity meet their match in office politics.

Playing the Oran Mor, Glasgow: 6-11 November 2023

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