Benny Young, Don Quixote – Man of Clackmannanshire!

In this riotous reimagining of the classic story with a live flamenco guitar score, one 87-year old man decides to cut through the noise and be the good old-fashioned hero the world needs right now. It’s time to put on the armour, saddle up the mobility scooter and go forth on a journey (N.B. NOT an emotional one).

Accompanied by his verbally incontinent nephew Sandy, Don sets out on a freewheeling picaresque adventure through the pedestrianised town centres, traffic islands, Wetherspoons and wind farms of contemporary Scotland, before being dragged home to face his greatest nemesis: a social care needs assessment.

A funny, poignant, unruly tale of the basic human need to be seen and heard.

Playing Dundee Rep: Sat 24 Sep – Sat 15 Oct

Perth Theatre: Tues 25 Oct – Sat 5 Nov

Featured actors: